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Monday, June 8, 2015

A Little Bit of Catch-Up is Needed

I just celebrated 21 Happy years with this guy!  Thursday we spent a fun evening together.  He got to pick the restaurant and I chose the movie.  So he picked Red Lobster because that is where we went on our first real date.  I picked the new Avengers movie, because he likes action.  We had a great time.  We decided that we were both happy with our marriage and the choices we've made over the years.  Oh, course there were things we could have, should have and maybe would have done better, but we decided life is pretty good right now!
Kota is doing okay on his mission.  He has had some ups and downs over the past few weeks, but seems to be doing okay this week.  Happy even.  We just need to get him some new shoes.  So I told him how much he could spend and I will watch his account for a transfer from us... Catch his updates next door at the (Best two years) blog.  I have been doing much better at keeping his updated than mine.  I am going to try and post several time this week to get caught up!

I had my usual post school check up.  I had a goal to lose 40 pounds by my 40th.  Well...despite the diet, exercise, etc...I haven't lost a pound.  So I gave up about mid-April.  But, what I found out at the Doctors was that all that hard work paid off.  My blood work showed up with no diabetes with out medication!!! Whohoo!  I will be going back on the exercise regimen and have been dieting again for several weeks...still not pounds being lost.  Do you just chalk it up to age?  Hmm....


  1. Congratulations on happiness at 21 years. You guys are a great couple. And it's awesome that your bloodwork is looking so good!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary and your good health checkup! Keep up the good work! Dakota is going to be fine...he has many who are pulling and praying for him! I'm so behind in blogging...I might get a post out later, we'll see!

  3. Happy anniversary!! And that's great news on your health check up!