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Sunday, June 14, 2015


The last day of school for me was technically June 1 st.  I have worked many days on developing curriculum and training since, but that is the true life of a teacher.
This year is unique, I had to pack my room up and dejunk everything I collected over the last eight years working.  Osborn the home of the beginning of my teaching career, is retiring.  The building is being dismantled this summer.

 It has served our school district for 90 years.  Progress is a bittersweet thing.  New buildings will give us some much needed things like, technological updates that aren't possible in old walls.  Climate control will be awesome in the sweltering beginning to the year.  But seeing the community come in to say goodbye to the building was sad.  Nostalgia for days gone by was seen on a lot of faces.  Even mine on the last day working.

I left, keyless for the first time in eight years.  That was hard.  I will miss the old school.  On the bright side, we will be starting the new year in a new middle school and that will have its perks too.

To celebrate the start of summer we met at the park with some friends and had a picnic dinner.  Family home evening in the park.  Who knew it would only be in the 50s in the beginning of June. 

We enjoyed the picnic anyhow.  At least it didn't rain.

Happy summer.


  1. I went to the 8th grade concert in the new auditorium, and it was very nice. Hard to believe that you've been there for 8 years! I'm sure you will love your new place and the new technology it can handle. :)

  2. All my kids went to Osborn...they nicknamed it "Oddborn"...I have no idea why! Jackie and Craig also went to Grant Street and I was sad to see it taken down too. It was 100! I'm betting you'll love the new digs and make many good memories there.