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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Chaos is something that I am weak at.  I don't like it, it bothers me down to the core.  It makes me want to scream.  Chaos is always what it looks like when you are in the middle of projects.  Home, work, personal...doesn't matter.  We are starting to pull out of the darkest before the dawn hour...but still a little bit of chaos.

Here is before on the porch...

...and the almost, but not quite finished...

The patio before....

....and the almost not quite finished...

The roof before....

...and almost finished...

With everything we do there are gospel lessons to be learned.  I notice that just before we finish one project, right when it is at it messiest, we snap.  We start to break down and maybe even get a little cranky.  We are tempted to give up, quit.  Then we reach down into the deepest hidden reserve and we press forward with faith that we can get it done.  We endure the bone weary tiredness and continue.  Then we get to finish that part.
We get to rest from our labors, not because we are perfectly finished, but because we are done with that project.  Not the whole project.

We need to look at our gospel journey in the same sense.  We can complete a trial and be happy with our progress.  We can enjoy the new line of understanding for a season.  We can be happy.  Having faith, pressing forward, mustering up courage, and enduring takes time.  Results are worth the efforts.  Prayers, fasting, taking the sacrament, serving, scripture study  and believing are our keys to being able to reach down in the midst of the temptation to quit and press forward because the end result is awesome!

Kick back and enjoy the view because this life is awesome.


  1. Great work on the house! And awesome analogies. :)

  2. Your projects look great! I've learned that there are no small projects..even the easy sounding ones can make a mess or turn huge in a drop of a hat. Just like life! I try to remember what Pres. Hinkley said, be grateful for the ride! Sounds like you understand that!

  3. I'm just catching up on your last several post. So sorry about the loss of your grandfather. He would be pleased of what life lessons you learned I'm sure. You speaking at his service helped you as much as the ones listening. House projects are always a pain in a lot of ways. Be thankful yall made it thru the projects. Kayla is lovely. I pray for her a great life as she confronts a new chapter in her life. She will always be your little girl, but we have to let them fly from the nest.

  4. I didn't know about your grandfather--I'm sorry. Glad your projects are getting completed one after the other. House is looking good. Good to see a pic of Dakota, too. Have a great "rest of your week" and hopefully, I'll see you Sunday in church. Debi