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Monday, August 24, 2015

Porch painting

Before we can have our Minnesota company in October we would like to finish up the projects.  We bought our house in 1998, just after Kayla turned two.  It was a house that needed a lot of attention on the inside, but we were determined to fix it up beautiful.
We bought it full of ideas and determination.
We wanted to paint the outside, but started with the porch.  I wanted a red house, but was a bit afraid to do the whole thing.  So we started with the porch, if I liked it a year later we would paint the rest.  In that year we both lost our jobs and just about lost the house.
It took us years to dig out of that financial mess.  But, now we finally are able to tackle the outside.

So this morning, I started the big job.  I got out the paint and tarp and started the big job.  My two supervisors kept me company as I started.

I got the first coat on, up to the door before lunch.  Kyle, is a perfect painter.  He has a steady hand and does an expert job.  So, I'm always a bit nervous when I paint because he notices all my imperfections.  I decided to use the paint pad.  Things started off a bit rocky as too much paint dripped down the wall and splattered my tarp.  Phew! So glad I put down the tarp.  Once I got the painted pad figured out, things went well for a while.  Then I got to the corner.  I was working at the top of the ladder and I hit the release button some how and the paint pad plummeted off the handle and landed with a splat on the tarp.  Ugh!

Then I couldn't figure out how to put the pad back on.  So feeling pretty stupid, I switched over to the roller, which doesn't work as well, I finished the corner.  I decided I'd take a break for a bit and look up how to put a paint pad on the handle.  So much for being a carpenter's granddaughter!

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  1. Your house is super cute and you guys have done so much work inside and out. I can't wait to see the final project!