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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Sweat of my Brow

I've been sweating here the past two weeks getting all the new stuff in the right spots.
Trying out the new chairs.

My visiting teacher Michelle came and helped me.  She organized my books and supplies on the shelf.

We completed open house last Thursday night and had a marathon of trainings.  My favorite was on the brain development.  It is fascinating how the brain learns.

I am excited to teach just social studies this year.

I can't wait to meet the children tomorrow.

It will be fun seeing their reaction to everything.  The size of the middle school alone is staggering to them.  They aren't in an elementary anymore.


  1. Best of luck in your new building and with your new students! I hope your brow was sweating in an air conditioned room?

  2. Classroom looks great and I'm anxious to see the new school one day! Hope it was a successful first day. Just think..you're making history by being the first folks in the new building. Someday those kiddos will have kids of their own going to the "not so new" middle school! Enjoy your year!

  3. Looks great! Hope you and the students have a wonderful year.