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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dog Days

These two young ladies left for dog training school today.  Kayla and Dixie are off on their three week adventure in learning to be a dog trainer and trainee.  If all goes as planned, Kayla will be the trainer!

Dixie really enjoyed the trip to Columbus.

 We made it!  Dixie was so excited to be around all the other dogs, that we had to take her away from them.
 Time for the kennel, then the students could settle in.

 They really have a nice kitchen for the 12 students to share.
 There was a common area to share too.

She has her own dorm room.
Class is from 9-5 or later, 6 days a week.  They get Sundays off.

Just a little view of the Skyline.
 What we wanted to see.  Job positing.  This particular one is in Utah starting at $50K a year.  Hmmm, not to shabby.
I look forward to seeing the transformation.


  1. Kayla's new living area looks nice, but poor Dixie got cheated! I sure hope that she enjoys her training and then is able to find a great job.

  2. Why only Dixie? I think Kayla will love it and it looks like a great school...will Kayla learn obedience too? Ha! Good luck to her!