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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Game Shows, Birthdays and Blizzard?

Kyle and I were in charge of the Ward Social this past weekend.  We broke out of 30+ year tradition.
 The break out, was not out of rebellion, but out of requests from the bishop and ward members.  To move it from Valentine's Day weekend, and to not have a chili cook-off.  We were met with mixed emotions.  Excitement and disappointment...needless to say, we broke tradition and people still had fun.
 It is amazing how much work and planning go into a social.  So about 3:00 we had made our third trip of the week to pick up the remaining things needed.  We were at the building at 3:30 setting up and getting things ready.  Our friends the Jeffery's showed up around 4:30, right as my panic button was just about ready to go, that we weren't going to be ready when people came in and made short work of what needed to be done.  So by 4:45 we had time to take a breather, just before the masses starting rolling in.
 We had around 70+ people come to the social.  They brought in their comfort food and desserts and you know, I didn't even miss the chili.  Then for entertainment we played game shows with everyone
 in the room.  My helper to get people signed up for games decided to pass the clipboard around that had my cheat sheets on it for while the games were going on.  Wonder if anyone one saw answers before the games started....
We played Not-So Newlyweds with four couples who have been married 30+ years.  It was fun to see the answers they gave.
 Kyle emceed the meeting and ran a couple of the game shows, on his birthday.  What a trooper.
 Then we played several minute to win it games with all ages.  Let's make a deal, and family feud.
 We ended up cutting what we planned short, so that we could clean up.  I think it was an overall success.  I told Kyle I hope we aren't in charge again next year!!!!  Planning big parties is not my favorite thing to do.  I ended up staying home Sunday, because my head cold got the best of me.
 As far as birthdays go, it was hectic all weekend.  Kayla and I did convince Kyle that he had to let us buy him a present.  It could be whatever he wanted, so we went over to Mansfield Friday night to get a few shirts.  He work one of them Saturday.

 Monday we went to Applebees to have half-priced burgers to finish celebrating Kyle's birthday.  We had an excellent time.
 Today, we are watching the first significant snowfall of the season.  It is beautiful.  It keeps coming and coming.  Not sure it will add up to a snow day tomorrow...
but one can always hope.


  1. Church socials are fun, and it does one good to be the "social planner". It challenges you out of your comfort zone. Seems like you pulled it off with a great time for all. Love your snow pictures!

  2. And, happy belated birthday to Kyle.

  3. Happy birthday Kyle! The social was a great success and you did a great job. Thanks! The snow was pretty but seriously, I'm over it and ready for Spring!

  4. Looks like a great party. I would probably rather have the variety of the comfort good over chile anyway.

    Happy birthday to Kyle!