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Thursday, February 18, 2016

OH, for the Love of Rest

So what did you do Valentine's weekend?  We took a break from our world and headed down to Marietta to visit my Aunt Cyndi and her family-cameraless.  I always forget something when I pack, and that was it this time.  Although I don't have camera documentation, we had a good time.  We did not know, but it was my cousin Sofia's birthday.  She turned 9 on Saturday.  So our plans for a double-date changed to a family outing.
Things are hectic in a house with 5 children ages 9-17.  It's a good hectic, never a dull moment.  We enjoyed going to church with them.  Sometimes it is nice to just go and listen to the lesson with no responsibility in the preparation of them.  We both left spiritually enriched.
At school on Friday, I like to do a "heart attack" with the kids.  I had kids in all states of getting an assignment finished, so I let the one's who were done, have a bit of fun--that also motivates the others to focus and get done. ;)
I had them pick one teacher or adult in the building that gives them a bright spot in their day and to tell them.  On a construction paper heart they wrote their message...then with great stealth, they snuck through the building without getting caught to deliver their message-the attack.   Have you ever seen a pack of 12 year-olds make it through a school building without a peep...it is so fun to watch the twinkling eyes.
My favorite message I received was from one of my boys.  He said, Mrs. Crawford you are a bright spot in my day because you get my humor.  I love coming to your class and working on all the different projects.  Plus, I'm a lot nicer than my brother!  (who I taught 2 years ago)
 Tuesday, our students who wore their pajama inside out, and may or may not have flushed ice cubes...were successful in getting a snow day Tuesday.
 Teachers never complain about a break in the work week either.  I tell you what, 5:30 is always hard dragging the ol' body out of bed.
 Kyle took a personal day and we spent the day together.  We did some traveling around for Winter pics.

It is always good to spend a day together we ended our Valentine's on Tuesday with a dinner at Longhorn in Tallmadge since Kyle needed to get his temple recommend renewed at the stake center.  Super fun weekend and lots of love passed around from school to family.  What a great way to get through the blahs of gray winter skies.


  1. It's good giving extended family, work, and yourself and spouse all some TLC. Looks like you made the rounds.

  2. I seem to have had a lot of trouble getting pictures recently too. I have forgotten the camera, the SD card, and charged battery all through the recent holidays. So frustrating!

    It's awesome that you heart attacked for Valentine's Day. What a great idea to have the kids share those thoughts. I'm sure it meant a lot on both ends. You're a super educator! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun day with the hubby. And it's neat that you have your kids do "heart attacks." I always like that!