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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Double Booked All Week

 February ended with a bang.  March has come in like a lion in my house, not so much with the weather...
 Last weekend, Kyle and I went to the Ashland High School Big Band Dance to see our friend's son Cameron play the sax.  He is an excellent player and even had a big solo.  We had an excellent time there.

Leap day we met with the Young Single Adults and said goodbye to one of the Elder's who was serving in our area.  This started the week of double bookings.  I swear I have never been so over extended in years...I had a dental appointment, a building meeting and the YSA event, where we feed the missionaries dinner right after their P-day.  Then we plan the YSA event too.  Umm, left school thinking about getting everything I had planned done after school.  Skipped the meeting ....and the dental appointment...not by choice, because I forgot!  Ugh.

Tuesday, had parent teacher conferences until 7 pm.  I arrive at school at 6:30 am everyday, kids come at 7:10, but we start teaching at 7:45, they trickle in and out of the classroom, but 7 pm makes for a super long day.

Wednesday, started the major cleaning because MN guests were coming...a 9 pm phone made me slap my head.  I forgot to deliver a dinner to a sister in our ward tonight...guess I'll do that Thursday now.

Thursday, delivered a meal.  Found out my mom had lost her job.  Still have major cleaning to do.  Guess we'll order pizza since we have cleaning to do.  Came home with a ton of papers to grade.  Almost in tears cause I can't do all of this.  Exhausted from extra hours at work....get a phone call that our friends the Eichhorn's are coming up to clean house for a showing from South Carolina.  Casey and Christina want to meet for dinner.  (might not get it all done.)

Friday, realized that I committed to taking tickets at the middle school play, same night friends are coming for dinner, still have to finish cleaning, might need some groceries for our guests.  Dinner with friend got cancelled after I found out I wasn't needed to sell tickets since the show had sold out.

Saturday, youth temple trip where my guys were needed and Kayla went along.  I decided to stay back and take care of bedding for our guests.

Mom wanted to get together, I told her if she did the laundry mat run with me, I could do lunch with her.  What a crazy way to spend the day with Mom, but she was a big help in folding the blankets!
I'm hoping now that the guests are here, that that lion will tame into the lamb and that I will not be double booked everyday this week.  Phew!  I need a vacation!


  1. Yikes! I hope the visit with family is going well and that you are getting to slow down to enjoy it. :)

  2. Yikes! I hope the visit with family is going well and that you are getting to slow down to enjoy it. :)

  3. Busy for sure! I know how you feel in many ways and I find I always commit to stuff when it's the busiest time...hope your family had fun and I hope you have a quieter week..atleast the weather is nicer!

  4. Sometimes it's good to be busy, busy, busy. I hope you got to enjoy the benefits of making ready for all your commitments.