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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cousinly Love

 We got to enjoy our niece and two nephews Saturday.  It was fun having them over after the YW fundraiser.  The energy of younger children in the house is stimulating.
 It is nice to see cousins getting to know each other and share talents with each other. Kayla did Kamryn's hair before church today.
 It turned out super cute.  She's turning into a beautiful young woman.  I remember keeping her when she was a baby, so her mom had a break.  She was very colicky and cried a lot. 
 Kadin is a freshman in high school now.  He is interesting in history.  Boy after my own heart!  He is very interested in wars.  He is really mature and easy to talk to.
 Kolton, also know as, Kole train, was lively.  He really loved our dogs and had them working out.
 They wanted to follow him where ever he went.  Kolton asked, when can we come again and stay more than one night in a row?  We might have to grab them this summer for a bit.
It was a fun weekend with the extended family hanging out.  There is nothing better than family time. 


  1. They are beautiful kids and it was great seeing them at church and I loved having Kolton in my class! Looks like a fun weekend!

  2. Kim's kids are growing up really fast. Nice looking kids too!