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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MN Trip 2017 - 2nd Leg

 Robin is watching one of the littlest of the grands while their parents are working.  His mom didn't bring him a hat so Robin made one out of a handkerchief so we could take him on a walk.  The deer flies, black flies and mosquitos are relentless up there.
 We to the short walk down to Kory and Jessica's house to visit.

 These hollow logs greeted us the whole way up the drive.  :)

My nieces River and Ashley followed us back up to Robin's house and I let them us my camera to keep them busy for a little while.  Here is what they found interesting.

So most of our vacation was spent putzing around this place and visiting with the "old" people.  Life is much slower in Minnesota than it is down here in Ohio.  I'm sure if I lived up there it would be busy too.

I wish I had more pics of the lakes, but when you are kayaking on giant lakes I didn't want to risk my camera getting dunked.  We did several lake excursions, that I don't have photo evidence of, but that was my favorite part of the trip - besides seeing that son of mine.

Kota is in a tough transitional phase.  I hope he finds what he is looking for soon.

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  1. It took me a second to realize there's a face in the log! Ha! Very clever! Looks like a budding photographer who took good pics. You need a disposable camera or a water camera for kayaking pics..not that I don't believe you did it! Looking at your pics makes me anxious to get our vacation started..but have to wait until the end of August..darn!