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Friday, July 28, 2017

MN Trip 2017 - 3rd Leg The North Shore

 Kyle's brother Kasey (#6 child), rented a cabin in Duluth.  5 of the 8 kids brought their families along.  We pulled up our camper and Kota and Blair camped in a tent.  We got to explore the North Shore of Minnesota.  This was a first for me.  The North Shore goes along with the point of Minnesota.  We traveled from Duluth to Grand Marais.

 I miss Blair.  She was my favorite dog.  She has such a good disposition and is very affectionate.
It's fun being around the nieces and nephews.

 I miss this guy too.  I'm glad he is getting established, but wish it was not 1,000 miles away in a place where the cell and internet reception sink.  In a day where we could skype, but can't because of location...

 Our cabin, was around the corner from Lake Superior.  I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love that Lake.  I love it from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, all the way to the North Shore of Minnesota.  Something about it draws me in every time.
 We hiked into Gooseberry Falls, with the family.

 Then we stopped at the Palacade.  This was a super tall cliff over looking Superior.  It was a little scary to be honest.  The rocks were split and I felt that the rocks would slide of the cliff at any moment.

 But it was beautiful!  My favorite was Grand Marais.  I wish we could of stayed here a few more hours, but it was about 3 hours north of the cabin.

 Saturday, we spent some time in Two Harbors.
 Kyle, still likes to skip rocks.  There are no shortage of rocks along Superior's shores.  There are tributaries flowing into the Lake, all over the area.  I think this was the French River.

 There also is no shortage of water fowl in the area.

 Iron ore, is a big resource of the area and is mined in this area and sent out through the Great Lakes.
 Superior is too cold to swim in here, but the Knife River.  This was a natural swimming pool.  It was about 4 feet deep and had a ledge to sit on.  It was fun for the family.

We might had to look for land in this area, instead of where all the family is.  I think I like this a little bit better!


  1. So beautiful! Never been there and you've made me want to add it to a travel list I'm making for retirement! I love your camper but my favorite part has to be the pink steps. So cute! Jack's would be the air conditioner!