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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane...and Lovin' IT

These two teens are keeping us busy.  I'm enjoying every minute of their lives at the present.  We are dividing time between games, home games are seen, who's starting vs. bench sitting....

 We are co-seminary teachers for our church calling.  So we start the morning early.  Kyle is up at 5:30, kids at 5:50 to start the seminary lesson with another student who comes 2-3 days a week, depending on her family schedule.  Then I take over to work on scripture mastery and scripture study.  This year the kids came up with the theme (Smurf your Scriptures).  If you haven't ever watched the Smurfs, they use the word Smurf as a verb.  Smurf =Search or Read in our case.  (So I located all these smurfs to represent what the students are doing in school.)
 Kayla has games 2-3 days a week.  She plays JV and sits the bench mostly for varsity.  Of the 20 soccer games, JV plays 6 games.  The other games are a gamble as to if she gets some time.  We volunteered to run the game clock at home games because they needed help.  The benefit to this is we got a season pass for 2 for all the home games for ANY sporting event for the entire school year.  Do you realize what a blessing that is to not have to pay $12 to see all the kids games!  Whew!  (They just won tonight 1-0)
Then we can't miss the Friday night lights and Saturday morning games.  Football truly is fun for me to watch.  I enjoy it, I understand what is going on more than soccer, but I'm learning.  (Varsity against Loudonville 17-10, JV against Norwayne 32-26, still undeafeted).

Then of course work takes up a lot of the day as well as some nights grading papers and planning.  So if you don't hear from me in a day or two, know that I'm enjoying being a mom or grading papers, or both!  No complaints, really, I am enjoying watching my kids in their activities.

Go Falcons!


  1. Busy Mom you are! (don't I sound like Yoda? It's really too bad I also look like Yoda) You hear this all the time from us Mommo Veterans, but you'll miss all this when it's gone and grown up. The pic made me laugh..Kayla looks lovely, happy and a lot like you..Kota looks like he needs a laxative..just sayin'.

  2. Oh, those crazy, hazy, coming and going at both ends days! I remember, and now you'd think I'd get a ton of stuff done, but I don't. They go by so fast, and suddenly, the house is quiet, and empty, and you can't wait for them to call or come home. And, you miss 'em.

  3. It sure sounds like your life is as good as it can get right now: full and happy.