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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rainy Day Inside and Out

Somedays no matter what you do and how long you hold your positive attitude, it just stinks.  Well, that was today.

Long day it started at 6:45, meeting in my classroom at 7.  (Interesting stuff, just early)
Students were extremely hyper and chatty today.  By 2:40 I bubbled over, angry.
My anger usually bring tears, which makes me more angry.  Never show weakness to the kids, well that all went out the window. (dang PMS hormones, TMI, I know)

3:15 found out our new report card was not working properly and all the grades we entered had to be changed. 

Thank heavens Kayla's soccer game got canceled (a small blessing in the chaos)

6:00 I walked out of my classroom after fixing 5 weeks of grades to be able to compute the "old" way.

Highlight of the day: we tried the new Chinese place in town, the Lotus.  Yum.  Swiss Cake rolls for dessert because you can't end a rotten day with out comfort food.

Once I've been home and put up my feet and read that some of you have had great day and some not so great; I feel better.  Almost ready to go back and work hard again.

I hope I haven't lost all the hard work I've done so far by letting the tears go.  We shall see.  I think I might take the weekend completly off and just rest, get my house back in order, and enjoy my kids in their formal attire for homecoming.  Goal: focus on the positive....


  1. Take a break and enjoy the weekend. I hope all the kids have fun at homecomning! Everything will be better next week. Prairie Peddler is this weekend too. That's always a fun stop!

  2. I'd be crying on a regular basis if I taught school every day.

    More power to ya!


  3. Oh Stacy, I know how you're feeling! What is with these kids lately??? Mine have made me crazy with the noise. I resorted to a timer yesterday . . . they made it six minutes (during silent writing time!!) I've been so frustrated.

    I agree . . . focus on the positive, and homecoming, your own family, and things will be better next week.

  4. Ugh girl, it's been a yucky week down here, so I know how you feel! Well, hopefully the kids will have an awesome time at homecoming!

    Side note: Where is that new Lotus restaurant?

  5. Oh for the strggles of being a teacher...some days are so hard, but I know that God has a purpose for you teaching at Osborn. Those kids respond to you Stacy, and that is such a blessing in itself! Every day is a good day, some are just better than others. Every day I get out of bed, I thank God that I have another day to go see the residents and shar the stories from our families and bring them some quality to their life. Hang in there...you are doing just what you are so good at doing.