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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweltering Heat

I think I am going to melt!  The heat and humidity is crazy in our area right now.  I sat at two football games and sweated as much fluid as I took in.  Swimming in your own sweat is not fun!

To ease the burden of the sweat the boys did win both the JV and Varsity games against Bucyrus.  Friday night 89 degrees AFTER the sun went down at 8pm.  Today we sat in 95 degree sun, which felt like 150 degrees because it was reflecting on the aluminum bleachers.  I now know what a foil wrapped baked potato feels like.

Varsity won 22-6.
JV won 50-22.  (Kota helped with 5-6 tackles today.)

JV soccer was less successful; they lost to Waynedale 0-3. 

It sure was nice to get the kids, home, showered and in the A/C.  What a blessing AC is.  I was never so grateful as I was today to just be home in my house, cooling down.  Oh, how I look forward to the cool, crisp days of autumn in Ohio. 


  1. congrats on the wins.It is warm here in NH also the humidity is awful so not new england weather.

  2. Without air conditioning, I would expire. Period.


  3. Football is supposed to happen in crisp cool air, not a sauna! Glad to hear of the victories.

  4. You should be happy now! It's so wonderful outside I want to cry! Congrats on the win, sorry about the soccer however..

  5. Oh how I understand your appreciation of a/c and your looking forward for fall days! haha