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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Silver Tie Affair

As our long day is coming to a close, it has been fun watching the kids get ready for their Homecoming dance tonight.  You can't have homecoming without football.
 Our varsity won last night 34-14 against Smithville.  JV got the short end of the stick today weatherwise, not a loss, but freezing, blustering rain, sort of a morning.  The above picture showed my view from under an umbrella, I had a tarp over my blanket so it would not be soaked.  The rain was actually blowing into our faces the way we faced the field.
 Kyle bought us all rain suits for the weekend.  I was grateful for the wind and water breaker!
 Crazy parents will follow their children any where.
It was worth watching, JV won, 36-0.  Kota had an awesome sack on the quarterback, right into a mud puddle.

 His clothes were so wet and muddy that you couldn't even smell the sweat when I put them in the washing machine this afternoon.
I had a lot of dirt and grass left in the washing machine after this load.  I ran a cycle with just soap and hot water.  I hope it works.
Then we came home and cleaned the house and got Kayla ready for her first formal dance with a "friend" date.  It took 1 1/2 hours to go from this to....

(She owes free babysitting for this)
 She cleans up nice.  Tristan's tie is a perfect match.  (He reminds me of  a guy I dated in high school that looks very similar to this.  Crazy!)

 Kota's date Meghan and Kayla are friends from YW (youth group).
 I love the silver tie.
There were three schools having homecoming this weekend in our county.  Our local Applebees was packed with fancy dressed teens.  I think we had the finest four.  I hope they have a good time...I know they will.

As Meghan's mom said, "Oh to be 14 (or 15 or 16) again...Nah!"  It felt good walking away with my husband, knowing that those awkward years are over, and I'm happily married with no pressure to find the right person, because I already have.  We just need to grow old gracefully together.  The older part is coming, not sure we're to graceful yet.  Hmm, well, maybe I am....


  1. I never thought I would see the day when ringlets were back in fashion! Gorgeous girls!

  2. All that fall football stuff is so much fun. Makes me nostalgic!


  3. Beautiful kiddos. Great job raising them. :) And I love the hair!

  4. Ok, they have grown up wayyyyyyy tooo fastttt!!!! But everyone looked adorable. I didn't realize Kayla's hair was that long...Congrats on the FB win! Ashland won too. A good weekend all around!

  5. Ah Stacy, your weekend sounds so fun! You did a fantastic job on Kayla's hair! I have never been good with the hair part! I did make the girls dresses though, most of the time. That was "hair raising" enough!!

    I miss those formal dances. Kailyn's group of friends would all gather at one of the homes, the parents would provide the food, the kids would eat at tables set up away from the parents. Then we'd take a billion photos and send them all off to have fun.

    I miss those families . . . the games and the concerts and the fun we had. Next will be college graduations and weddings!!

  6. They all looked so good together. I can't believe how they have all grown.
    I hope they had a great time together.