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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Review

What a busy week.  Here is seminary class Friday morning.  We had our "fun" Friday where the girls were trying to use there scripture mastery cards to help them identify the pictures representing the 10 commandments.  They had fun or at least as much fun as you can at 6 am on a Friday.  We usually have breakfast on Fridays.  Meghan brought maple bacon muffins.  They were really good.  These girls play on different soccer teams and they go up against each other for a second time this coming Wednesday.
The corn is getting ready to be picked.  It was such a gorgeous day on Saturday.  Windy, but gorgeous.

Homecoming part II for Dakota.  He went with Meghan as friends to her schools dance.

I taught two lessons in Relief Society this week at church.  One for the weekly meeting on how to be organized and this Sunday on the Signs of the Second Coming of Christ.  It was a fun week.  We also went to Kyle's sister and nephew's baptism on Saturday.  They were baptized into the church this weekend.  I am so happy for them.  It's been a long road for Kim and she made it!  I feel so blessed to be able to witness such greatness when it seems the world is in such chaos.  I like it when we get a stolen moment to remember what we are here for.  To be Happy!


  1. The kids looked really great and I love the black and white shots! The lessons this week went great and I'm really glad we have you as a teacher..and I'm sure the kids enjoy you too for early morning seminary. Have you ever thought of using the computer camera and having a seminary class via the computer? Jack's idea. He thought it might help with the gas for Megan...just a thought! Have a great week!

  2. Love that seminary picture. Not even maple bacon muffins could elicit smiles that early. :)

  3. Maple bacon muffins sound interesting!

    And I love the homecoming photos, which always bring back great memories for me.


    PS. Aren't baptisms the best thing ever?

  4. Yay! That makes my heart so happy about Kim and her son! Congrats to them.