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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Cool, crisp days
Beautiful Earthy colors

 Pumpkins, goards, apples, candy
 Ghosts, ghouls, stories, sweatshirts
October love story
Happy Fall y'all


  1. Aw, such cute photos! I'm pleased to see your fall decorations. I haven't done a thing at home, but I took a tall scarecrow couple in to my classroom, and filled a pumpkin basket with candy. Oh, and a clear pumpkin with my traditional candy corn for a "guesstimate" jar for the kids!
    Happy Fall to you, too, Stacy!

  2. Pretty festive! I haven't even started decorating yet. I need to get on it.


  3. I love the fall colors and the cozy in feeling
    fun decorations.

  4. What beautiful colours, I have never thought about decorating for autumn, mind you I hate decorating for Christmas so probably I will just really enjoy yours....

  5. Love it, love it! This is my favorite time of the year. Your house looks fab as always. There are a bunch of decorations down here that say, "Happpy Fall Y'all!"