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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Things That Go Bump in the Night

By request from Yaya, and in Spirit of Halloween, I'm going to give you a tale of a Haunted House...mine.

Disclaimer:  You may believe or not, as for me, well; I believe it.

I live in an old Victorian House built in 1874, in the small village of Hayesville.  The house we bought belonged to the town doctor: Dr. Kendig.  It was a jem of the day, it has it's own servent quarters, two front doors; one for the parlor and the fancy guests featuring the walnut spiral staircase.  The other for the everyday folks and patients to enter. 

After living here for awhile and doing a lot of remodeling we settled into our lovely large house.  We heard rumors from people that a person hung themself from hooks in the servant quarters, but dismissed it because we had the town historian in our family...and well, she said it was the grocery store not our house that had happend.

We spent many months in our house enjoying our preschool and toddler-aged children at that time.  One morning, I was on my way down the spiral staircase and headed to the lone bathroom to shower for work.  As I rounded the spiral and was looking out into the kitchen I encountered a man standing by basement door.  This is a bit scary, I turned to yell at my husband that someone was in our (unlocked) house and in those few seconds, he disappeared.  No doors were opened and no one was in our house upon thorough inspection by my husband.  (Specter or morning hallucinations?  You decide.)

One more (cause Kayla thinks this is creepier than the above story)

One night while sleeping in my bed I awoke to a noise in my room.  Im used to this because Kyle is a loud snorer and often it is him who awakens me.  This night, Kyle was still sawing logs when I glanced around the room.  At the foot of my bed was leaning a little boy, under aged 5/6 just watching me.  Well, I don't know about you, but it startled me and when I wimpered he disappeared.  Needless to say, I awoke the buzz saw to inspect the room to make sure no one was in our house... Upon inspection only sleeping kids, the one's who should be there.

That is a couple of many of my spooky stories for this house.  We (my kids and I) have learned to live with these sightings and feelings that we encounter often.  But, never have we felt threatened or abused by our spiritual guests.  (Who knows, maybe we're the guests.)

Whether you believe or not, is up to you. 

Happy Halloween!


  1. Ok, now you're talking! I love to hear stories of your home....and I know you don't like to get to much into it because it can cause more activity. So thanks for posting this great Halloween spookfest. When we had our scary story telling last Halloween in the Creepy Woods, Kota was the real hit by telling some of the adventures of the Crawford house. Maybe a cute book could be done about the spirits that live there...sort of a Halloween kids book, just a suggestion!

  2. I knew you were cool, but...A HAUNTED HOUSE!

    Now, THAT is cool.


  3. Yaya has recounted these tales of your house in the past but it's more fun to read straight from the horses mouth!! Great stories, Stacy!!

  4. I think I'd be a bit scared! I love old houses, but I'm not sure how I'd handle meeting ghosts, especially face on! You are brave.

    I totally believe you, by the way!

  5. So has the historian in you investigated and tried to figure out who these ghosts might be? And btw, you did manage to scare me; I definitely would have moved if I were you!

  6. Ooooooooooo!!! Spooky! I totally believe it. Thanks for sharing!