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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time for Reflection

Where to begin, what a blur of a week.  We had Kyle's family in town all last week.  It is always fun catching up. 
Friday night we watched the football game.  Kota got to start playing in the 3rd quarter of the varsity game.  The team was winning 30+ points by then.  He played a series and then was out for a series.  He ended up going back in.  We beat Ritman 47-0 that night.  At the end of the game were were taking our tarps off the bleachers and over the loud speakers I hear: Dakota Crawford's mother please come to the side-lines.  I look down there and Kota is sitting with the team trainer.  You know how hard it is to get from the top of the bleachers to the side lines at the end of a game.  Less than a minute felt like a long time...I get down there and the trainer said, I think he might have a concussion.  You can take him to the hospital yourself or we can have the squad take him.  Kyle thought that we should take him.  Kyle got the car as I walked the kid up to the school to get his things.  On the way up, he says, did we win?  Me: yes, 47-0.  He kept stumbling on his left side.  Another football player noticed that he was having trouble walking and took over taking him up to the school for me.  Kota went into the locker room and didn't walk back out on his own.  I waited for eternity (less than 15 minutes) for someone to let me know he was in the trainers room instead of the locker room and I needed to go in there.  Concussion was getting worse.  Mom, did we win, yes, 47-0.
I watched as my kid couldn't remember what happened less than 20 minutes ago.  With all the football players hooting and hollering next door in the locker room.  (amazing what they shout about while in there.)
I watched him not be able to hold up his left arm while he could his right arm.  The trainer suggested we have him go by squad to the ER instead of just taking him.  He might have spinal damage.  (I just walked my kid who might have spinal damage from the field to the school?  I'm almost in shock myself trying to absorb everything that is going on.  Mom, did we win?  Yes 47-0.
You know, it took awhile for the squad who was just at the football field 30 minutes ago to get back.  Then it took awhile to load up the kid in the squad, get an IV going and get to the hospital.  We got their 1 hour and 6 minutes after the end of the game.  (double eternity, to a nervous mother who knew when the trainer suggested squad and not driving on our own, meant it was a bit more serious than she originally thought.)
Mom, did we win?  Yes, 47-0.
One catscan and a lifetime 1.5 hours later we find out he has a concussion and not to play football for the next day and tylenol would be okay to take when we get home.  (did not say don't use anything, but tylenol)
Thank goodness for RN grandma who told me the next day after giving Advil, that he can only have tylenol.  Monday, family Dr. said he had one of the more serious kind of concussions and that he would probably have a headache for about a week.  (he still has that headache today)  Thank goodness, no spinal injury.  Now that the stress if over it was funny having to answer every 2 minutes, Mom, did we win?  Yes, 47-0.  I actually told him no once, because I knew he wouldn't remember.  Mean I know.
 Saturday, since we didn't have a football game to go to, we carved our pumpkins, which was going to be our afternoon project for the branch social.  The youth were in charge of bringing jack-o-lanterns.
 (moush-head, just like kota)
 Kota's a good sport even though he had a pounding headache, he still wanted to make his pumpkin.  I had to go to school to take my shift in the 6th grade table selling caramel apples for outdoor school.  Then get picked up to go to the social.
 Kayla went as a fairy.  She had a fund time.
 Crazy young women.
 Kayla got the prettiest costume, but was laughing because her YW leaders gave her a medalion that said (sexiest costume)  they were prepackaged awards, oops!  They made me laugh becasue Kayla can't stand that word!  It makes her face turn red, can you tell?
 Kota still being a good sport with a headache passed out candy with his friend Kenzie to the primary kids.
 Sunday: last day with Minnesota family.  We spent time at Grandma's with Robin, Toby and Kyle's sister Kim and her kids.
 We enjoyed the beautiful autumn day and took a family walk on the property.  It is such a peaceful place to be.

After seeing off family it was back to the work world.  Getting ready for parent teacher conferences next week.  Trying to get the students all up-to-date on grades.  Have work samples for parents to look at.  I had a grade-level training day.  Our students have had a challenging behavior week.  Did I mention tomorrow is Fall Harvest Party Day?  Oh, and they all will come in after having had Milky Ways for breakfast, yeah me!
On a positive note, tomorrow is the last scheduled football game.  Although Kota won't get to play, we are playing for the right to be WCAL champs again tomorrow night.  If we win, the title is ours only.  If not, we will share the title with Norwayne school (who we are playing tomorrow).  If we win we go into play offs, that brings on stupid hair week.  We shall see.  Go Falcons!


  1. So how did Dakota get that concussion? And did they win the game?

  2. Concussion is no fun! And it's one of the reasons football scares me.

    I'm glad it's almost the end of the season, because many coaches try to coax players back too soon.


    PS. What a neat kid, still determined to do all the Halloween stuff!

  3. Now that's scary! I'm glad he's doing good but I'm also glad he can't play. I'm sure he's bummed about it though. BTW, Kayla looked very sexy...oops, I mean pretty! I loved the costume!

  4. Glad Kota is OK...that is so scary as a mom!

    Have a great Halloween weekend!!

  5. What a fright you must have had! I'm glad Kota survived ok, and hope the headaches are gone by now. Kayla's costume was very pretty!

    I hope that life calms down a bit, and you get everything together for conferences. I have one more (family was out of town this week) and then I'll be done. Whew, what a long week!

    I'll be thinking about you!

  6. What a fright ( and a really well-told story)! I'm so glad Kota is okay. It looks like your'e having a blast with all the gifts of the season.

  7. Yes this sure was a scary night for moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas. I know this grandma and grandpa did not sleep well with our concern. We added him to our prayer chain and I am so glad he is doing better. Glad Kota was able to help you some in school this week and that you got the conferences done. Love you, Stacy!

  8. Lots of lovely pictures of our grandkids enjoying the harvest season...costumes were great and good to see them enjoying life. Kayla, you look absolutely beautiful. I love your fairy costume. What a blessing for Kota to be doing so well from his injury. Being an old ICU nurse, I knew it could have developed in so much more over the course of the 1st 24 hours. So glad, Heavenly Father was in control and all turned out okay.