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Friday, November 4, 2011

T G (goodness) I F

I am so thankful it is Friday!  I feel like I muscled my way through this week.  36 parent teacher conferences, 14 no shows and phone calls later, I'm done!  Whew!  I'll be looking forward to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off as our comp. day for the extra hours.

I'm also thankful for Kota.  He came in on his day off from school today to help his mom.  He worked for 4 hours labeling the reading levels and putting stars on all my books that have a reading quiz on our Scholastic Reading Counts program that I just learned how to use.

I am thankful this is my first Friday not to dash off to a football game.  I'm enjoying my children and a mostly clean house because they were able to do some chores tonight!  Now, I might get my yard mowed one more time before the snow flies. 

I am thankful that we will have a mostly normal, quiet, run-of-the-mill week for awhile...until basketball games start.

Here's to a happy, restful, get a lot done around the house weekend!


  1. Enjoy! It sounds like a relaxing weekend ahead.


  2. Hsppy Friday night-stay-at-home grandma and grandpa too! LOL!!! I so enjoyed those game nights though as well.

  3. I'm so happy this week is over too...what a crazy place the hospital has been. Ashland's football season is over too. Hillsdale had a good season and now it's time for a bit of a breather. Have a good weekend!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of conferencing. I was tired after my 14 in two days. I hope you're able to get rested and refreshed before heading back to it tomorrow.