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Friday, November 11, 2011


Our grandpas that passed away this year were WWII vets.  Grandpa Beninghof served in the Army and was stationed in Panama during the war.  He told us a lot of tall tales from back in the day.

Grandpa Souleret served in the Marines and was proud of it.  He bought Kota a Marines licsence plate to hang in his room.  He always told Kota if he joined any branch of the service to make sure it was the Marines.

Today at school we had a Veteran's Day Assembly.  Our choir director did a fantastic job on this.  My favorite part was the last song.  The kids were singing a song thanking the veterans and at the end they each held up a sign with a Veteran in the audience some living, some who gave their life in combat.  Ah! the tears sure did sting the eyes.

Happy Veterans Day.  Thank you to all who have and will serve protecting our freedoms and country.  We sure to love you!


  1. I'm glad that the kids remembered our veterans in such a meaningful way.
    Really touching.


  2. That had to be really special to hear those kids singing and then the signs...tears for sure all around! What a great way to say thanks.

  3. Our assembly was very moving as well. For our kids, war is an every day presence and the veterans we celebrate are their parents.