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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let the Thanking Begin

 This cow chalkboard has been a part of our family kitchen decor since we have been married.  I was decorating in cows way back when and acquired this chalkboard.   Many a days did my kids stand on chairs to be able to write on this board, especially Kayla.  Kayla keeps us updated with her moods or such as the weeks go by.  I am thankful for those little messages.  How awesome is it that my 15 year old loves her family.  When I was her age I wanted to be any where, but home.  Can you tell she is happy at home?  I can, what a gift!
An extra chair has been pulled up to our dinner table, because it is often frequented by a friend of Kota's.  This boy has been missing in action from the youth group of our church for years.  Hasn't come on a Sunday for a long time (years).  They met up at Kota's new school rekindled the friendship and now he often stays over.  He has joined our seminary group and has been coming to church.  I am thankful Heavenly Father loves that boy and my son enough to allow this friendship to happen.

Bucky as we loving call this mount, is a reminder that my daughter can do anything her brother does.  I am thankful she has that spunky personality that will carry her through life.  It is those personalities I often gravitate to.  I hope she can support others in the future with her willingness to be happy.

In this tough school year there are so many things to complain and worry about, that often I have to make myself find something good about what I am doing.  An item presented itself to me the other day, on a particularly hard week...A student, who is one of my bright shining stars, brought me a picture she drew to hang on the board where I hang their work.  It was a picture of a little seed who was being watered and growing into a beautiful flower.  The art in itself was incredible for her age of 12.  Then I caught the message: thank you for helping me to grow Mrs. Crawford.  I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who prompted this little girl to let me know that my efforts are worthwhile.  Even though what is in my face daily is tough and negative, there are positive things going on in the room. 

So in this season of thankfulness, I am starting early, shutting out the preseasonal other stuff, and just being thankful for what is good in my life.  The thanking has begun!


  1. What a great post, Stacy. Every paragraph had a little gem that made me smile.


  2. Fun stuff kiddo! I'm glad you can get some good feedback from your students and your home kiddos! Have a good weekend.