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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Drive

We decided to take a drive today and enjoy the fall splendor and the beauty of our earth.  It was just what I needed.  Nature often brings peace to my soul and gives me the energy to continue.

 We stopped at a place just south of Mifflin.  The site of the Copus family massacre.  I've always wanted to go back there, but never took the time.  I am always interested in local histories.
 It was just a little headstone.  No plaque or story to tell the the visitors what happened.  See the link if you're interested.

This bridge is important to my family as well as this lane.  My great, great grandparents owen this farm at the turn of the 20th Century.  This little farm outside of Mifflin, Ohio was part of the Crider family.  My great, great grandma was Mary Alice Crider and she married Charles Steigerwalt, they had 8 children.  This bridge was how they went into their farm back that now over grown lane.  In the past this was know by people as the Steigerwalt bridge...now it's just driven by, barely noticeable to those who aren't looking for it.

 I can just imagine horse drawn wagons and model Ts driving across this during the industrial revolution time period.  I can see my great grandpa and his brothers laughing and working in this area.  They had instant relief in the creek from hot summer days.  Lazy fishin' spots right in walking distance from home.  It reminds me of the Walton's.

The bridge has been dead long before I was born.  Replaced several hundred feet away by another.  Also going over it is now I 71 connecting Cleveland and Columbus.  It was interesting walking back to the bridge today.  Kyle was reflecting about all the history we whiz by when driving on an interstate highway and never really think about all the things that did happen or could have happened in that particular area.  Just like my great, great grandparent's place, it is just a shell of a long gone generation.


  1. Oh no Stacy, we are thinking alike..the first thing I thought was, "gee, just like the Waltons"..Beautiful area and what a great legacy. It's really nice that you have so much family history here and even nicer that you still live in the same area. Thanks for history lesson..always the teacher!

  2. I loved taking this little drive with you, and I look forward to being able to do the same thing (on a whim) with my husband when he retires next year.

    I also love this song and the fact that you have family history in that beautiful area you call home.

    Great post!