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Sunday, February 5, 2012


 It's time, Kayla hit the 15 1/2 mark on Thursday.  She gets to start putting in her 6 months of training in with her folks so she can become independent.  She's ready.....all smiles and giggles...I'm more like AWWW Man, another one about ready to leave.
 The benefits of having more than one child is learning from the mistakes of the first one.  When Kota got his learners permit, I walked out of the testing office and tossed him the keys.  I thought I was going to die before we crossed the street to Walmart.  With Kayla we took her up to the church parking lot and let her practice parking.  After about 30 minutes and 20 plus tries we let her hit the open road.
You know, I still thought I was going to die with her riding close to the ditches or center line or back to the ditch.....The difference between the two, she doesn't think she knows everything (how to do it), she listens to instruction and criticism with out arguing.  I hope that continues it will make it a lot more pleasant experience for everyone involved.  So today, after church and lunch we went for a cruise.  You know it wasn't that bad of an experience.  I enjoyed myself from my perspective in the back seat.  The whiplash from stopping was much less brutal today and the difference between car and Yukon made all the difference on how close to the ditch we cruised. 

We're cruising into the next chapter in our home.  AWWWW man!


  1. Congrats to Kayla, but really..she's that old? Crazy! Thanks for teaching for me today and also for the quick visit at the hospital..crazy day that makes me want to say: "AWWWW...MAN!"

  2. How well I remember teaching my kids to drive. I am not exaggerating when I say that I used to get chest pains from the anxiety. Scary stuff.


  3. Thank goodness for learning curves! And if you were headed towards the Fin, those ditches always seem close. That road is way too narrow! Hopefully you went down the other steep hill. You know, the one with the curves at the bottom. :)

  4. Driving with teens used to give me palpitations.....good luck!