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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh my Achin' Self

Over the past month we have had huge amounts of absences.  Out of my class of 25 student 4-8 kids a day have been out.  I finally subcomed to all the germies.  Sunday, I woke up just feeling miserable.  I stayed home and slept.  I don't know what was wrong I just didn't feel good. 

Monday I dragged myself to work because we had a National History Day judging.  I couldn't miss I had people counting on me.  I felt miserable all day.  I ended up staying late and getting everything ready for a sub on Tuesday.

Tuesday I just rested at home.  I tidied up a few things and just relaxed and graded a pile of papers that was waiting on me from the weekend.  I feel better today.

Honestly, I think my body gave into stress; it was just washed-up (like my washing machine).  Worn out, tired, overwork and needed a day of R and R where my biggest decision of the day was what type of cereal to eat.

I think I need to add some more vitamin C to my diet.  Normally I breeze through sick season with the kids.

On another note we are really dealing with a teen who is really trying to find his adult identiy.  He pushes the envelope in all things.  He brought me home from school Monday night after his shift at the Y.  He was driving too fast up the city street.  I asked him to slow down and he said he was only going a little fast.  I said you were approaching 10 mph over when I glanced.  He spouted the "if your 9 your mine" statement.  I said that only works on the interstates and 9 over is where you get the ticket.  It was a not pleasant ride the rest of the way home.  Not to mention I got an email from his teacher for his behavior in class Monday and again today.  You know I've received more reports on his behavior this year in school than his whole school years.  Needless to say, he is cell phoneless for a week.  When I was talking to Kyle about it I said, I deal with this type of behavior ALL DAY at school and the last thing I want is to deal with it at home too.

We agreed that we made it through high school without a cell phone, driving and he'll be okay too.  Who knows maybe I won't even give it back.  I think I'm going to have to apologize to my own mother for being a teenager myself.


  1. Those teen years yeck. I had a pretty good teen as they go. No drugs or other bad issues it was just the eye rolling and the fact that she knew way more than we did.We locked up cars and cell phones when she was in high school, you know we were the worst parents in school. She survived and got through college. She now has a baby of her own and is very afraid ha ha ha .

  2. I remember those years well. Sometimes they were lots of fun. Sometimes, not so much!


  3. He won't be so cocky when he gets that ticket..and he will. Hang in there, it really does only last a few more years then he'll be thinking of sending you an apology note! I hope you're feeling better and I did miss you on Sunday but I don't want the germs either so I'm glad you stayed home to recoup!

  4. You have my sympathy and support on all levels, Stacy! I can usually fight the kids germs, too, but I've been feeling kind of icky all week, and I already had a sick day in January!

    As for cocky teens, I agree with just taking the keys/cell phone, whatever it takes to get their attention. One of my darling girls spent a year refusing to turn in homework in one class. No amount of begging and pleading and threatening and grounding moved that child! Her teacher emailed me and said, "I should fail her, even though I know she is completely capable." I told the teacher to fail her, so she did. Messed up her GPA big and daughter was pretty mad. She had to do summer school and make up the class, using her own money to pay for it. A long story, but, the good news is that she has been on the deans list every quarter in college! More than once she has thanked us for not rescuing her.

    Tough love is tough on parents!