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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Not a real eventful day, just a normal Wednesday.  Work. Home. Church youth actitvities.  The bright shining moment was the beautiful sunshine and unseasonably warm weather.

On another note we ventured to our local favorite coney shop who just reopned for the season.  Do you have a local favorite? A restaurant that is unique to your town?  We have Ashland Wooster Drive-in  (A&W, before they had to follow franchise rules).  This little drive-up car hop is fun to go to. 
 You pull up to the building and a girl comes out (car hop) to take your order.  They make the best homemade rootbeer  smooth and cream (served in frosted mugs) and coneys that are the best.  (To my west coast friends, coneys are what you call chili dogs)  They have fresh cut french fries; which I prefer drenched in malt vinegar and sprinkled with salt.
 They close every fall right before Thanksgiving and open up right after President's Day in February.
This is a fun dining experience, just a bit different from the normal.  I'm looking forward to the warmer weather where the rootbeer floats hit the spot!  I worked here for a couple of summers when I was going to college.  They owner is very friendly and funny.  It was one of my favorite jobs of all time.  The only draw back was smelling like coneys when you left.  Kayla is thinking of applying for her first job here.  (or at a veterinary clinic, but that is for another day.)

Happy leap day!


  1. I remember A&W it was a real treat to go when we were kids. Mix orange and rootbeer soda together for swamp water.

  2. Hi Stacy! Happy leap day to you! We miss our last A & W restaurant! It closed down a couple years ago. I didn't know the original name . . . I learned something new today!!

  3. I loved our old A & W restaurant. There's just nothing like those frosty glass mugs full of A & W root beer!


  4. I laugh every year when I see all the cars in line to get in for the annual coney reopen day. I always say:"hey, now we're not hotdog deprived any more!" I love the fried pickles and the rootbeer..and the fried shrooms and the chicken sandwiches and the shrimp dinners (Jack's fav) and the...oh, never mind! Happy Leap Day back at ya!