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Monday, April 9, 2012

At the Beach (Final Chapter)

 There is something interesting about the oak trees in the south.  They are hung with Spanish Moss.  We learned Spanish moss is from the pineapple family and is not a parasite. 
 Well you can't be in the south without partaking in barbecue!  We found a restaurant called Melvins.
 We had the best ribs and chicken I've had in ages.  We ordered these combos and had enough food to feed an army.  I got ribs and chicken and ended up with a half rack of ribs and half a chicken, plus sweet potato souffle, Lima beans and cornbread.  I shared with Christina and Kayla and still took a box home!  The boys got ribs, chicken, and pulled pork, plus 2 sides and cornbread.  They brought out their meals on their own trays.  They had enough to feed two people, but you know they packed it all away.  I don't know how they did it!
Stella ended up being Kayla's little shadow.  She sat for awhile and got her fingernails and toes painted for our trip.
 Our last tourist sight we ventured to was Boone Hall Plantation.  We messed up and didn't sign in fast enough to get the house tour, but we toured the grounds.
 We took a tour around the grounds an learned about the plantation.  It originally grew indigo until the invention of the cotton gin.  Then it grew cotton for years.  Now it is a vegetable plantation and has a farm market where people can come and purchase fresh veggies.
 This is the hall of oaks.  These oak trees only grow in the south.  They live for 600-700 years.  It felt like you were in a hallway instead of outside.
 This tree is 600 years old and the oldest on the plantation.  I bet it could tell some interesting stories.
We enjoyed the gardens.  Can you believe it was in the upper 80s and actually cooler than the day before at a record high of 93 degrees in April.
 We really enjoyed our vacation.  I miss being there.  We came back to 40 degrees and cold weather.  Even the little bit of sunburn was worth the visit.
One of the best parts was being with our friends.  We miss them.
 A lady heard me say to Christina I would like to eat somewhere we don't have in Ohio.  We were trying to eat less expensive than we had the first few times.  She suggested this place.
It was so fun.  They had all crazy kinds of hot dogs.  I ordered a galactic dog which had chili, cheese, slaw and spicy mustard.  Mmm.  With a nice order of cheese fries, yep on vacation and didn't count calories.
 Casey is an apartment complex manager.  We stayed here and it was great!  We had a little apartment on the second floor with a stocked kitchen, washer and dryer...so we got to cook some of our meals and breakfasts and split the rent.  We could not have stayed in a hotel for the price we paid.  It was awesome!
Now we are back to the real world.  Work starts again tomorrow.  We get to get ready for everything we have worked hard for all year.  Time to refresh and reteach everything we've taught this year for our state achievement tests.  It will be a fast and furious month, nothing like the slow pace of the south.  sigh....


  1. Oh, those trees...!



  2. Love that Spanish moss...it's so charming. Again, sounds like just a wonderful get-away!!

  3. What a great trip. I'm glad you could spend time with the Eichhorns too...plus we saw you on Easter Sunday...perfect!

  4. Looks like it was a fabulous vacation. Interesting that the moss is from the pineapple family. That's one I never would have guessed.