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Monday, April 30, 2012

Foxy Prom

Dakota is in Resource Conservation.  For his senior project he decided to tackle the world of fox farming.  I don't know where he got this idea, but he is paying the bill so all we had to do was give permission.  I'm not sure what to think, but he has done a lot of research about this.  That was the first miracle, he actually took the time to figure things out and read about the care and so forth.  Our cats aren't real excited about sharing their space, but I think they will warm up to it.  It's funny because the fox actually barks at them when they get too close.  Which in turn makes them hiss.  Eventually the fox will be bigger so we shall see...

 Saturday was one of those high school milestones. Kota got to attend prom. Poor kid went from working 9am to 4:30 pm. Got home showered, shaved and dressed in his suit and to the high school at 5:15 to meet his date. He was gripping and complaining the whole time. (I think he gets his temper from me [my side] who gets totally aggravated, then realizes later it wasn't so bad....you know, after the pressure is off).

He's growing up.  Some days not fast enough for either of us.  Other days too fast for at least me.  I wish he didn't have to learn everything like his mother...the hard way.  We look a like and unfortunately, we have a lot of the same quirks.  I acted just like him at his age.  Under all the stuff, he's the same great kid that I'm proud of.  Can't wait until the wisdom starts returning.


  1. What a great post! I love the pictures, he is very handsome and you are super proud, I'm sure! We all learn the hard way, right?

  2. He might have had to clean up quick, but he sure did a nice job of it. What a handsome young man he is.
    Can't wait to meet the fox!

  3. He is handsome and his date is very cute.
    Teens I had a good one but oh boy it was hard.
    they want to be adults but really not ready yet.
    this to shall pass.

  4. He looked very suave! She's a real beauty and I bet she took much longer to get ready than he did! I'm glad he had fun and if he needs to let the fox torment cats he's more than welcome to have Squeak. Last night we had a ton of hawks flying over the Pines..I kept throwing the cat in the air but even they wouldn't take her...OK, just kidding about the throwing part!

  5. Just noticed his date looks like the Skylar girl who just got voted off American Idol.