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Sunday, April 15, 2012


 Shot Put

In the drizzling, cold rain we watched Kota compete at his second meet of the season.  This has been a strange year for our Dakota.  He has had so many medical trials and yet he keeps pressing forward.  He contracted mono at the beginning of March.  The doctors said no track for 5 weeks.  That means he missed all of the conditioning needed to help build stamina and technique.

He got to be coach for the middle school track hurdlers as they were conditioning.  He enjoyed that.  He didn't place at all during this meet.  He smiled, but with disappointment in his eyes.  I think he understands what the Doctor told him now.  He won't be up to par for months.  He dragged himself across the finish line on the 300 meter hurdles.  He was tired.  I'm just proud of him for trying.  

The great thing about track--it is a personal sport as much as it is a team sport.


  1. If at first you don't succeed...
    Glad to see that he's trying!

  2. Mono is a pain and I give him credit for trying...when your young you think you can conquer the world..Kota can do it but it will take a little more healing!

  3. I remember mono. It took my son a long time to get all his energy back.
    Good for Kota for even trying!


  4. Sometimes it's heartbreaking to be a mom and watch as your children go through these trials It sounds like this built some character though since he coached too. That's a terrific thing to do. Hopefully he's up to par SOON!