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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Winding Down

This has been my view getting out of the car every evening after work.  Beautiful spring flowers.  They are beginning to fade, making way for the greenery.

The school year is beginning to wind down too.  This year that I said in the beginning was going to be tough, was the toughest year I've ever had.  I'll be glad to send them off to grow and develop under someone else's watch care. 

Kayla and I have until May 31 and Kota if finishing May 23.  It seems weird to me that Dakota will officially be a senior in a couple of weeks.  It seems like a lot of things are changing in life right now.  It seems like months ago I brought my kids home from the hospital, how did they grow so fast? 

Kayla is looking for a summer job and will be going to driver's ed and will be transporting herself around by the middle of August.  Dakota has lined up a second job for summer with a friend from church.  He just told us he would like to play football and soccer this fall.  We thought that would be too much for him and told him to chose one or the other.  (I was thinking football.)  He said, okay I'm going to play soccer.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but as Kyle said, it's his life and he should choose.  The only benefit is he could do a Friday night temple trip now...I suppose that is a big benefit.

Both kids are going to do a summer soccer league.  I get to move my classroom from the third floor to the second floor.  I have 3 new team members with the consolidation of our elementary buildings.  It will be interesting on how things will work out.  It will be a busy summer.  No time to doddle.  I have a sweet 16 party to plan and senior pictures to do...and lots to move and organize. 

Whew!  It's going to be interesting.  I might need to buy a new pair of tennis shoes, so I can keep up with all the running.  You know when we were little a new pair of shoes always made you run faster...


  1. I thought that I was the only one who thought new sneakers made them run faster:)
    Enjoy the kids whil they are there.

  2. Yes, it's that time of life when you are so busy...but then I thought it would calm down one day. When will that happen?? Good luck!!

  3. Idle hands are the devil's workshop so you should be walking with angel wings! It's always crazy when the end of the year hits. I sometimes wonder now how I did it with 4 kiddos..but that time passed just as quickly and I'm still looking for those super running shoes!

  4. Next year will be a little bit crazy at your house. My boys all had senioritis that year!


  5. Amazing how fast this year has flown! And thank you, to you and Kayla, for fitting us into your busy day this week. :)

  6. You are nearly finished . . . we still have about two weeks after you are done. But, it all goes fast once we hit May! You have a lot of running to do, so you definitely need those new tennis shoes!

    Good luck with all the changes! I am not fond of moving classrooms. I am hoping I get to stay right where I am until I retire!