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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Road Trip/Sunday Surprise!

Kyle and I found ourselves with no track meet, soccer game, or parent responsibility and decided to travel the 2.5 hours to Marietta, Ohio.  We visited my Aunt Cyndi and scouted out the Ohio River for the raft trip our Boy Scouts will be taking on their high adventure trip.  We talked, planned, worried, discovered, reminisced, laughed and enjoyed each other.  My fears of having adult children soon were relinquished by this trip.  We are going to be OK.  Our life will be able to take new twists and turns down the river bend.  We are still very much in love.  That surprises me sometimes being a product of a divorced home.  Needless to say, I am grateful!

These boys are going to have a total Tom Sawyer experience.  I'm kinda jealous, but Kyle said he would take me for a trip of my own in the future, so I can wait!  Those river views are gorgeous.  They will get to tour a lock system and get to go through one.  They will get to visit a wildlife refuge and lazily fish and float down the river for 4 days.  I think they should all come back rested and relaxed.

While in Marietta, Kyle gave my Uncle Doug and assignment to find us a dive to eat at.  Something we can only experience in Marietta.  Well, they have a "someday to be famous" fried bologna sandwich.  I wasn't feeling it so I order an awesome burger, but Kyle enjoyed his first bologna Reuben.  Cyndi got the regular bologna and gave me a bite, it was good. 

Today I received a surprise at church.  I got called as the 1st counselor in the Primary organization.  I'll be working with 18 mo. to 11 year-old children.  Since we merged as a ward when they redid the boundries in the stake a few weeks back, changes had to be made to accommodate all the new people.  This isn't my first time in primary, actually my third.  The surprise was, I just said to Kyle on our trip, I hope they don't call me into Primary because I work with kids all day.  Plus, I would love to work with the YW and be able to work with Kayla like I do with Kota in scouts.  Well, surprise, I get to work in Primary.....And you know what?  It will be okay, I know it!  I'm excited to get to know all the new people and serving together makes great relationships!


  1. Congrats on that new calling..I know you'll do great. I was surprised that Rinda is pres. since her hubby has a very demanding calling too...you'll take good care of her though! I'll miss you in RS...but that will be over for me too I'm sure. The river trip will be interesting..I just hope all turns out good for that adventure and I'm glad I'm missing it!

  2. It's always interesting to see how organization changes shake out. If you need to escape Primary at least you and Kyle have a route all mapped out!

  3. Glad you got some time away with the hubby. So important to do that now and then.


    PS. Have to admit that Primary is not my favorite calling, but it's all good once you sign on, right? Some of my best friends have been the women I worked in Primary with.