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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sylis Chronicles

Looks sweet and innocent...right?................Wrong!  He is still a pup or kit whatever you want to call him.  He causes a lot of mischief, but he's so darn cute it's hard to stay mad at him.

In his first week at our house we went to worrying about him not eating at all, to eating 3 times a day.  We started him on lamb milk supplement and went to canned dog food in just a few days.  When he eats he takes the dish and tries to eat alone.  We have a nail keg turned on it's side with a blanket and he curls up there to rest or drag in his booty.  Whatever he can find to steal and hide away.

He is an escape artist too!  He got out of his cage one night and raided the trash.  He had trash dragged from the kitchen to the living room (inside his nail keg) with a trail the whole way.  The worst part about this ordeal was there was a wrapper from a turkey breast that he really licked clean.  That gave the poor guy diarrhea and he totally made a mess of his cage during the day.

Did I mention house training is not going so well.  I think he peed on every couch cushion I own.  He crawls up on the couch on his own and is so quiet you don't realize he is going....Ugh!  Lots of paper towels and Lysol are being used.  Kota is going to be shampooing furniture and carpets on those days where we are still in school and he is not!

Kota's pet is turning into our project because he is gone a lot.  Kyle's joke with Kota is that we call him Cletus because of his hillbilly roots.  Then he jokes that he is our pet and not Kota's.  Interesting things we do for our kids.  I hope he does well on this senior project....I mean I hope we do well on this senior project.

He really is more cute than tyrant, and we like him more than we are annoyed by his infant behaviors.


  1. Gee, all we had for a Senior project was a little kiddo from Chernobyl Russia for 6 weeks...he didn't pee on anything but he did puke pizza one night. Your little fox does look cute. I keep thinking that only a parent's love would let a wild animal pee on their couch...good job Mom and Pop!

  2. I feel for ya, but it could be worse... My sister once did a science fair project where she hatched a dozen or so chicks. In.The.House! And we kept them inside for about a month. I'm not sure how it happened since it was HER project, but I ended up cleaning their cage twice a day. YUCKO!

  3. We, too, had a dog that belonged to our daughter....and when she went to college, guess what? It became ours!!!! She tried to take him back a couple of times but it would have been too hard. We still have him.
    Good luck with the housebreaking!!!!

  4. That puppy stage is so hard. But if the dog has a good disposition, it will all be worth it in the end.

    And he really IS cute!


  5. You guys really did get a fox!! He is SUPER cute!!