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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dander Up

A few days ago, I was cleaning in my front room and I noticed at the front window someone rummaging through my flower beds.  Really?  What is someone doing in my flower beds.  So I rush out the front door, with my dander up ready to ask, what are you doing?

As I whisk the rather stout front door open, and squish the screen door open, I find an elderly woman.  Dander still up, but slightly intrigued I asked, can I help you?  I startled her.  She didn't want to make eye contact, my heart was begining to soften.

I said, I'm not a very good gardner, but can I help you.  She asked a question I couldn't answer and really don't remember now, but I noticed she had a little reuseable grocery bag and was collecting flowers from the village.

She sheepishly snipped a piece of my bleeding heart and inquired about get a purple puff ball (don't really know what it is.)  I went from warrior princess going to defend my helpless flower bed to feeling silly for startling a poor elderly woman who wanted to bring some floral cheer to her home. 

So the next time, I observe someone in my flower bed, I will check to see if it's this woman who helps herself to a little piece of heaven from my garden.  I can let her have her joy without making her feel like she's intruding.  It's the least I can do.


  1. You are a kind soul. Hope her day is happier because of your flowers! Hope your day is happier because you were nice to an elderly lady. (she wasn't my age was she?)...remember, sometimes we're entertaining Angels unawares...

  2. you are kind and how odd that she is going from garden to garden without asking.

  3. Who can resist flowers like those? Bleeding hearts are my mom's favorite. Maybe I'll stop by on my way to see her today and snag some. :)

  4. Kind of a cute story...I'm glad you thought twice about it and made her welcome. And I hope she enjoys the flowers!