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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Carousel Magic

We have had Minnesota visitors for a couple of weeks now.  Klayton and Trisha brought down their daughter Kenzie and have been staying with us.
 We decided that we need to do something fun today and decided to go to the Carousel in Mansfield.
Rides are inexpensive 12 tickets for $10.  This carousel is in a garage-type building and all of the horses are locally carved.  The animals are beautiful decorated and the music just makes you want to smile.  It was fun to see the little children enjoying themselves here today.

 Kenize enjoyed her first ride on the carousel.  She is nothing but smiles and is a very happy baby.

 I'm not sure who'd win this battle of stubborn hard-headedness?  Hmmm...it could be a toss up.
  I enjoyed watching my kids have fun too.  Every time they came around they would strike a pose for us.

 After the Carousel we tried a diner down the street.

 It was a total 50s dinner with soda fountain and everything.  So much fun!
Ymmm.  This is a must do again place to eat.


  1. With all my Grandkiddos you'd think I would have made it to the Carousel wouldn't you? Well, I've never been and I think it's time I go...I think the owner is LDS too. Cool diner for lunch..YUMMO! You guys find all the fun places!

  2. That definitely looks like a fun afternoon. We went last year, but I think we would get a lot more out of it now. Nice pictures of your moving targets. I remember getting a lot of blurs and chopped off parts when I tried it.
    I've been wondering about Coney Island, so thanks for the good review. I'm guessing they really charge more than 5 cents though, right?

  3. I love a cool carousel, and so do my grandkids!


  4. Oh Kensie is so beautiful you have a lovely family and the carousel is a perfect place to spend time together.B