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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prom 2013 Through Tides and Time

It's that time again.  Whoo what a day.  Clean the house, do the hair, wash the laundry, paint some nails, paint some trim on the house....
 Kayla is my thrifty girl.  Her and her girlfriends did each others hair.  You know they did the styles that the other girls paid $50 for. 

 Kayla had her dress brought up a little extra so you could see her shoes.
 Kayla went with her friend Adam.

 Dakota took his friend Alyssa.

 Grand march was cute.  I loved the anchor.

They all look great.  Alyssa's shoes were already hurting her feet...poor thing.  Hope she dances barefoot.  Kayla wore hers around the house that last week or so to break them in.  Smart girl!


  1. the couples look lovely. it's a memory they will always have. and you too!

  2. This brings back such great memories. The kids all look fantastic!


  3. Kota and Kayla look great and so do their dates! I'm sorry about the deer run-in but I'm really glad they are all OK. Cars can be replaced...not the kiddos. Hope they all had fun before hand!

  4. Oh they look beautiful in their gowns and shoes. I remember when my girls went totheir prom:) B