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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Senior Countdown: Last Court of Honor

We've made it to the May of senior year.  Now it's the beginning of the lasts...
Wednesday marked the last Court of Honor.  Dakota earned enough merit badges for a full set of Eagle Palms.  Due to a paperwork misfile, he will only receive two, but he knows that he earned enough for three.
 Dakota received his gold palm.  The requirements are 3 months tenure after receiving eagle scout and 5 more merit badges.
 Kyle has been working as the Scoutmaster for our troop for about 6 years.  Before that he was Assistant Scoutmaster for about 8 years with a bit of cub scouts sprinkled in there too.  He was released as scoutmaster earlier this year and called as Executive Secretary of our church.  He was surprised by an award this evening.
 He really is a big marshmallow.  He was a bit choked up to receive this award that was a surprise.  He has a great love for the youth and it sure was nice having him work so closely with our son.  After all the serious business at court of honor the boys put on some skits for the audience.

The priest quorum teased the assistant scout master about his slow driving.  One boy says to the other: How happy are the scouts in Troop 555.  The other says: I don't know how happy.  Happier than Derek in a never ending school zone.
Kota was the driver in this skit.  Silly boys.  We are proud of you Dakota.  Now, keep the ward tradition of every Eagle Scout serving a mission!


  1. It was a fun night and I'm very proud of Kota and a big thanks to Kyle for all he's done. It's not easy and Jack did it too so he truly understands the sacrifices. Thanks to you too for all you've done to help the program be a big success. I'm sure Kota will take the mission call and serve. He's a good kiddo and this month will fly by and be a big mix bag of emotions. Hang in there!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have so much to be proud of. Congrats to Dakota. What a fine young man you have raised.

  3. Congratulations, Dakota. Well done. And Kyle, get some rest, but please be ready to make another go of it all starting in about six years!

  4. Congrats to Dakota AND Kyle. We love scouting.


  5. You must be so proud of your guys.