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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Senior Countdown: Seminary Graduation

Tonight we took the kids up to the Canton Ward to attend Kota's seminary graduation.  It was a wonderful service.  Trevar sang the special musical number and it was wonderful.  Dakota got up every morning before school started for four years to attend a scripture study before school with other youth.  Most mornings he went because he wanted too, some mornings he went because we made him, but this is one accomplishment that I am most proud of.
Congrats, Kota.

While at the graduation out Stake president took a moment to interview Dakota for his Melchizedek  priesthood.  Dakota will be sustained next week as an Elder and will be ordained an Elder within two weeks.  Oh, it is a good day at the Crawford house.


  1. I remember those days and they bring out the tears, pride, hope for a great future and a reminder that we only have these kiddos in our homes for a short time...but in our hearts forever...(I stole that thought from some where...but it fits these special times!) Congrats Dakota!

  2. Such great stuff happening!