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Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Like Him April/May Update

Hmm. Where to begin.  I have been just learning so much about waiting, be patient and being okay with that these past couple of months.  It seems like I was waiting for things at Kyle's work to make sense.  A weird promotion to a guy instead of Kyle and trying to understand why. 

Kota came home from post-prom early like asked by me so they could come to church.  It was a full moon night and he hit a deer on the way home.  Everything was okay except the car.  (Thank, God.)  However, we had to go with a rental car for about three weeks before getting our car back.  In the mean time Kota's truck frame rusted through and we can only drive it on short runs and Kyle and I are often grounded at home while the kids are both working.  Or we have to take Kayla to work and run to Ashland an extra time to pick her up, making doing everything everybody has to do a logistics nightmare some days.

Sometimes I don't understand everything the Lord wants me to do or experience.  But, I'm coming to learn to deal with it a bit more patiently.  As always some days I don't succeed, but I do believe that I'm getting better than I used to be.


  1. Hi Stacy! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. We don't always understand what the Lord is up to, but we can certainly trust that it's for our good. Hang in there. I'll say a prayer for you and your family. Hope all works out soon.

    Take care,

  2. I'm never sad when it's deer hunting season...just for that reason! I hope everything gets back on track and your summer break is good. Enjoy your vacation and also saying a sad goodbye to Kota for a bit. Everything in it's season...hang in there!

  3. Glad Kota's okay!

    I know what you mean about life and its various trials. Sometimes I sort of look up at the heavens and say, "Really?"

    Then I repent, of course...