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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break Week

 I went with our friends the Tompot's to a thrift store in North Olmstead.  They have designer suits for very reasonable prices.  I got Kota two suits for his mission for $20.  Colton found a suit of his own.  Three teenage boys in a thrift shop is funny.  I laughed all morning!

 Friday we went with Robin and Toby to East Harbor State Park on Lake Erie.  It was supposed to be 50 degrees.  It felt like 20 degrees with the lake winds.  BRRR.  We didn't stay long.  We did do a lot of visiting though.

Spring break was kind of weird this year.  Kayla had the week before Kota and I had off.  It was really disappointing.  We had to take her out of school on Friday so that we could have one day with family in from out of town. 
 The Thursday and Friday before Easter we had our niece and nephews over.  We took them for a frigid play at the park.  We also colored brown eggs.  You know they turned out really nice.  I actually preferred the earthy tones we got.  Beautiful!
 We went to my mom's for the annual egg hunt.  It was fun to visit with Cyndi and her kids.  I spent time with my brother and sister it was fun catching up.  Although we live close together we don't spend much time together.

It's hard to get these two to be serious, but here they are in their new Easter outfits.  Funny how Kota's tie matched Kayla's dress.  He told us tonight he has 61 days until he moves to Minnesota for the summer and first semester of college.

61 days...it's going to go fast.  (sigh)

Spring break, contained a lot of miscellaneous things.  Mostly time with family which was much needed. 


  1. Looks like fun and how cool to find 2 suits for that price! Awesome! I know Kota will be missing you all too..trust me, it happens! Just enjoy this time. I'm glad Kyle's parents were here for a visit. That's fun too!

  2. I love East Harbor - but yeah, it's not a good time of year to try to brave the beach! Brr is right!! Sorry you had two different spring breaks - that is the pits!

  3. I love your earthy toned dyed eggs! Great colors. Glad for your nice spring break. Counting down the days till Kota's move, I feel your pain. Been there twice already.

  4. Great pics! Don't you wish they would synchronize the kids' vacations? That is so annoying.

    Good job finding suits at a reasonable price. Well done!


  5. Great price on those suits! When is Dakota planning to go on his mission? I love your eggs, they are gorgeous. This year I skipped dyeing the shells, but I did dye the whites for some fun pastel deviled eggs. Next year our Easter art projects should be in full swing.