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Monday, July 29, 2013

Drumroll please....

I won the Liebster award from my friend Yaya at Whispering Pines.  I think she might have felt sorry for me because I said I didn't have much to blog about this month.  Thanks for the award!  And yes, Yaya you did talk me into blogging a few years back.  I like to use this site as my personal journal.

I agreed to answer a bunch of questions from her.

1. What was your first job and did you enjoy it?

My first job was being a waitress at Perkins Restaurant in Ashland, Ohio.  I suppose technically I babysat cousins before that. I really enjoyed working at Perkins.  I learned how to balance things clear up my arms.  In the window where you pick up food, right by your knees was a syrup warmer for the maple syrup.  We wore maroon skirts and had aprons with long ties in the back.  I remember a particularly busy night in my first couple of weeks working getting my apron caught on a syrup jar and shattering it all over the floor.  I guess that is the initiation for new waitresses.  Having to clean up warm gooey syrup in a middle of a dinner rush.

2. Do you have a collection....what is it?
I have a bunch of snowmen, but they are all put away for the season.  I'm actually getting away from collections as to not have too much stuff lay around the house.

3. What is your  default  "too lazy to cook" meal?
This is daily...oops did I say that out loud?  No, we cook here most days, but we have a busy schedule and grab food at least a couple of times a week....
Besta Fasta Pizza, Wendy's, and KFC get our business often.

4. What is your favorite thing to wear that you always feel fantastic in?  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to wear jeans and hooded sweatshirts.  I look forward to casual Friday at work.  In the hot summer, I wishing for cool nights.  (I'm loving this cool weather right now)

5. Summer? Fall? Winter? Spring?

Absolutely the fall.  I love everything about it: colors, leaves, pumpkins, apples, jeans and sweatshirts, football games, Ashland County Fair, Halloween, harvest time, school's in session...what's not to love, right?!

6. What is your favorite moment in history?
Tough one for a history teacher...
Spiritually, I think it would be the time of Christ, one particular moment would be hard to pick, from birth to death He did so much to benefit the world.  So I will say the meridian of time.


To think about American History I really enjoyed visiting Gettysburg a few weeks ago.  I think the Civil War was interesting, but I don't know that as well as I would like to.  Just the thought of the country starting to liberate the slaves has been intriguing to me...but, my most favorite thing to teach about is the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

The students today have no idea how much hate was in the country due to skin color.  They do not understand segregation because they have never lived those moments.  I love their reactions to it, and I think if we keep teaching them about those times in history they will continue to make their world a more tolerant world.  It still isn't perfect, but they sure can see the contrast.

7. What is the one song that without a doubt always puts you in a good mood?  "Life Is a Highway" both versions.  Tom Cochran made it a hit the summer before my senior year in high school.  Rascal Flatts brought it back to my life in the movie Cars, but both versions make me happy.

8.  If you had to pick one, would it be the Beatles....or the Rolling Stones.  Who?  Naw, just kidding.  I would have to say the Beatles.  Even though I didn't live through their debut I listen to their songs.  I was introduced to the Beatles in Middle School when my choir teacher had us do a Beatles concert.  I'm not sure if I knew who they were before that.  We have a boy at church named Jude.  Can you guess what I always think when I see him...

9.  Do you have any hidden talents or abilities for anything in particular?  I'm not sure if I have hidden talents...but I am good at teaching.  I love preparing for kids to help them learn, to catch them up if they are behind, and I've discovered this past year, that I like enriching the gifted.  It was my first opportunity at that this past year. 

I like to sing, especially in a choir where I learned to sing alto in school.  I became an alto because no one else wanted to do it and our choir director said he didn't need more sopranos and needed some volunteers for alto.  People at church think because you can read music you should be able to direct it too.  I do it when asked, but I really dislike doing it because I honestly can't do it correctly and it is very embarrassing when I have to do it.

10.  What was a favorite vacation?
I'm torn between two.  We love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and go there often on the way to Minnesota to visit Kyle's family. 

But, I also loved going to Charleston, South Carolina.  I think that was my personal favorite.

But, give me a large body of water that you can't see across and I'd be happy.

I have to nominate another blogger who is up and coming blogger.  That is Vicki over at the Selvage Edge.  Vicki has two beautiful twins.  Her experiences with her late in life motherhood is very encouraging to me and I love watching all the things I took for granted by having my children at such a young age.  They are super cute and will make you smile.


  1. Thanks Stacy, for accepting the award, and answering all the questions! I almost nominated Vicki too, so I'm glad you did it! I learned a few things about you that I didn't know..like the Perkins thing! I love Perkins..every syrupy thing about it! Great pics also. I think you have many wonderful talents...especially organization and keeping me in the know-how of scouting!

  2. That poor kid... I actually say, "Hey Jude" to him every time I see him. He doesn't react, so hopefully that means he doesn't get it too often from other people. Or perhaps he just doesn't get it?

    Thanks for nominating me. I needed a good nudge to post, so I'll use that as my starter.

  3. very interesting!! i like that you like the water, the beatles, and your choices of dinner-pick-up; so do I. I loved my history teacher in high school, so I kinda like history too.

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    1. How about the same 10 questions I did.

  5. This was fun! I liked learning a little more about you.