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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Low Down

I feel like this bee.  I'm just flitting from flower to flower.  The bee is more purposeful than I am right now.

It seems like we are just in a routine and not doing much.  This past week I took a Globalization college course to help maintain my license for teaching.

Oh, I got a good one for you...Last Saturday it was gently raining.  Kyle thought it would be a good idea to take a morning swim at mom's house in the rain.  I went along with this idea.  It was fun swimming in the rain.  We were on our way home when I innocently was walking down the deck stairs and my flip flop decided not to cooperate.  On the rain soaked stairs, my flip-flop decided to test the laws of physics, especially friction.  Well, my flip-flop thought it would be a good joke to hydroplane across a stair step.  Left foot went 70 mph down the stairs, while my right foot decided to follow at about 20 mph and pointing in the other direction.  Not to mention that my rear end bounced off about 8 steps in the process.  Between the giggles of my surprised self and my husband surprise I limped and giggled and cried all the way to the car.  I have had a sore toosh all week.  I feel like a granny getting out of a chair and will be grateful for the day I can stand up with out a shot of pain.  Much better today than it was a week ago.  Sigh...

Next week, I get a 17 year-old daughter.  More flitting in the see able future.


  1. Ouch! I'm glad you didn't break anything...except your pride! I gave you a major award so you can have some blog fun! Check out my blog! See you this weekend...we have family coming to visit for the weekend..busy times! Stay safe...no swimming in the rain!

  2. Ouch! And I guess it would be rude to have anyone kiss your butt to make it all better. :)
    And I've seen your major award. Glad it's not a leg lamp. :)

  3. Owie! Hope your toosh feels better soon. Love your flower! And from the looks of it so does the bee.

  4. Oopsie-daisy. That sounds painful!