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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family "Not So" Home Evening

We met our friends the Tompot's and the Elders for dinner at Cahn Grove Park in Ashland last night.  We enjoyed a nice picnic with an "old-fashioned" barbeque.
 Kyle and I were commenting on the smell of charcoal and knowing that most of the time we use a gas grill.  We both remember our parents taking us to the park and grilling on the grills, it doesn't get done as much as it used too.
 We enjoyed a nice picnic and a quick lesson by Darren about some things he learned last week while he was at EFY.

 The kids tossed a Frisbee and played catch for awhile before we parted ways with the Elders.
 So we could enjoy time in the pool at Mom's house.  What a great way to end a very HOT summer day.


  1. I love a BBQ in the park!


  2. Oh man those burgers look good! And so does the pool!

  3. Looks like a good time! I miss the Tompot family, hope all is well with them. Your Mom's pool is a great way to end the day...I'm enjoying ours!

  4. Sounds like a perfect day, Stacy! Glad you were able to spend it with family and friends. When do you guys go back to school? It seems like you are several weeks before us. We start after Labor day this year!