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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Staying Warm in the Frigid Weather, Well Sort of

Crazy sort of a day today.  It was so cold in my bedroom this morning that I stayed in bed reading forever, because of no school due to the below zero temps and crazy negative wind chills here.  When I crawled myself out of bed to grab a shower and face the cold I noticed the thermostat was at 51 degrees.    So I called my knight and asked him what to do.  I take my freshly showered self to the basement to play with the furnace.  I flipped the switches as directed to no avail.

Mind you this sort of thing happens to us just about every year.  We have learned the gauntlet of things to do before we call in the professionals.  We learned that lesson after having a $100 house call to remove a spider web.  After flipping the switches and checking the filter the knight had to come home from work for a stint.

So the knight came home and found the pipes that vent outside from the furnace was all frosted over.  He used the blow dryer to clean it out and the furnace fired right up.  No spider web this time.
 So now the house is climbing up one degree at a time to get us back to our toasty 65 degrees.  Boy Am I grateful to have been home to notice, and to have the electric heater my mother-in-law bought us a couple years back.  This could have been so much worse.

So I spent the rest of the time working on a warm dinner of soup and homemade bread.

I have put a dent in my internship catching up on paperwork for services already rendered this school year.  I have already clocked 92 hours outside my school day.

Lastly we have been engaging in scripture study with Kota at the lead.  He has been studying the preach my gospel book and wanted us to join in.  He has been leading our study.  It is interesting to watch the mighty change of heart and the youthfulness start to melt into adulthood.  It is a slow process, but it has begun.


  1. It looks like a day well spent. I'm glad your furnace was OK..yeah for the the handy-man hubby! I can tell from these pics that those pups are already growing like weeds! Still super cute! I made the soup/bread for dinner last night. Hopefully, we're on the upward path to warmer days. Kota sounds like he's getting ready...anxious for his mission call to come!

  2. That brought tears to my eyes just thinking about how well Dakota is doing. I know you are so proud of him! YIKES! Your house was freeeezing!!! Glad it was fixed, too. Oh am I so grateful for heat! It's going to be -7 here tonight! I know it's much colder there, but we live in the south! What the heck?! haha

  3. So glad that your furnace is okay! We have spent more than $100 just to have a filter replaced before. :( Ours tends to go out when we get heavy winds, so have been pleasantly surprised that we have not had any trouble (knock on wood) this week.

    What a wonderful thing to see Dakota preparing for that mission. No call yet, or did I miss some news?

  4. such a bad time for furnace trouble. glad it started up for you.
    65 sounds cold brrrr but we have a woodstove that keeps our house to hot

  5. Brrrrr. 51 degrees!!! Glad it got fixed without having to pay someone.

    It's cool that Kota is leading your scripture study. Really neat.