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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Puppies Have Invaded Our Hearts

Blair (my pup)

Dixie (Kayla's pup)

These two pups follow us around, chew on our hands, pee on the floor when we aren't paying attention, force us to go out in the cold when we don't want to, but have captured our hearts anyhow.

We just got back from a frigid winter stroll in Byers Woods.  We wore them out because they a snoring for their long winter's nap.  So much fun.  I think Kayla maybe on to something with this dog training business.

On another note to add to my load I signed up for two more classes at AU.  I'm going to make my principal,license official.  I will look hard for an administration position this spring.  We are going to start looking for the Michigan positions too.  We are ready for phase two or three of the marriage depending on your perspective.  If you don't hear from me much know that I'm typing away on internship projects.  phew and it begins.


  1. Better to be busy than bored! Those pups are really cute and I'm sure they will always be a part of your heart! Good luck with school, although knowing you, you'll make it look easy! Jordan is a whiz at dog training..Kayla should ask him for any advice! He had Eddy house trained really fast!

  2. The puppies are so cute. One can't help but love them. Congrats on taking the next step!

  3. Those are very cute puppies! Let me know any secrets you find for fur control. :)
    Good luck with your classes and the job search. I don't want to lose you to Michigan, but it probably does make sense to start the search there.

  4. Wow Stacy! That's exciting! I wish we had more time to visit and see the cute little pups. We're still bummed about it. At least we got to see you a tiny bit.