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Friday, June 6, 2014

K+S 4-ever: 20 Years

Do you remember in elementary school when you would dream about the cute boy from class taking you on dates?  Then you would make the hearts on your notebook with the said cute boy's initials and yours and you would write 4-ever?  This was pre text codes people.  But do your remember what I'm talking about?  
Well K. C. was never the initials I was writing about in elementary, who knew my hubby to be was 1,000 miles away,  and three grades ahead of me in school.  But, I was lucky enough to meet K. C. When it was time to get married.  Who knew my soul mate would be from so far way.  Well, we just celebrated our 20th anniversary on June 4th.
 To celebrate our milestone, we took a spur of the moment camping trip to Grand Marais, Michigan.
We saw so many wonderful things it will take me several days to post them all.  The best part is that I know that I am still married to my best friend.  I'll talk more about this later, but when you get married at 18, you worry about if the marriage is going to last.  

It was so beautiful here in Michigan. It was in the 60s during the day and 40s to 50s at night so a bit colder than in Ohio, but we loved every minute of it.

Au Sable Lighthouse

Do you see those white things floating in the horizon?  Yep, those were icebergs.

Au sable Lighthouse

Shipwreck by the lighthouse, they call it the ghost coast because of all the shipwrecks in the area.

The iron right soil turns the creeks and rivers into tea colored water.

Lake Superior is beautiful, we spent many hours looking at it from different areas at different times of day, but my favorite is sunset.  Kyle said if it weren't for the mosquitoes it would be like heaven up here.  I think I have to agree.


  1. So glad your sweetheart took you to a special place to celebrate. What a great guy you caught. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful setting and a fun way to celebrate. I hope you have a million more! We're hitting our 40th in Aug...time flies when you're having fun! (Or fun flies when your doing time!)

  3. Happy Anniversary to two of our favorite people!! Your trip looks beautiful...a little chilly...but beautiful! Hope we can go there sometime with you. Love you guys.