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Monday, June 30, 2014

What is Your Nemisis?

Do you have a Nemisis?  Like joker to Batman or superman's kryptonite, something that just really, really gets on your last nerve.  I do.  I have been battling it everyday this summer.
 The dog hair around here is driving me crazy.  Tumble weeds gather around everywhere.  Kayla and I vacuum several times a day.
We end up throwing away enough hair to cover a cat daily.  Not just any cat mind you, but a Tina sized cat. Oh well, it could be worse, but it is my battle to fight since I don't have enough sense to not get my children pets.  What was I thinking?


  1. Maybe you were thinking that they would take the pets with them one day? Ha! I know I was surprised when I let Jordan have Eddy..although we love him, he's a shedder too..(Ed, not Jord)maybe not as much as your pups! Anyway, Jord and Ed are moving out on Wed....I'll miss them both but it's really time. (I think I'll miss Eddy the most!)

  2. I totally understand! We have to shave Cookie quarterly. Maybe you can knit a sweater in your extra time? haha

  3. I am so not a fan of dog hair, so I really get that one.

    My nemesis is delicious food that I shouldn't be eating.