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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walking the Plank

Every summer brings projects, you know the kind that you think about all winter when it is freezing cold and all you want to do is get outside.  Our summer projects are to replace the front and back porch and build a fence for the puppies..who are BIG dogs now.
Kyle employed the help of our full time missionaries (who work for food) and stripped down all the old wood.  The roof is gone from both porches.

The floor boards are also gone from both porches.

Hence the walking of the planks to get in and out of both doors.  Sounds like fun being a pirate for a few days right...well a few days has turned into two weeks waiting on supplies to be special ordered from Home Depot.  The don't carry metal roofing we want to match the other.  Then we need to pay for all of our stuff on one bill to get a discount, hence the timeframe.  Arggg, matey, I can't wait to quit walking the plank.
The rainy evenings have been warping our boards and it is a bit scary sometimes.  Can't wait to see the finished product either.  So I guess we will button down the hatches and wait out all the storms.


  1. I think the term is"batten" down the hatches...whatever...at least the plan seems to be moving forward! I know it will turn out great...Kyle does good work! (More fun than scout camp?)

  2. I guess getting it just this far certainly motivates you to not put off finishing it when your materials arrive. I'm sure it will look great soon, Matey!

  3. But the end result will be great!!

  4. Oh I hope you do not have to wait too long. It will be nice when it is done. B

  5. It will be so nice once it's done! I'm glad the missionaries were able to help. :) I hope it gets done more sooner than later for you!