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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Youth Conference

This is Kayla's last year of Young  women's (see link).  She is in her final weeks as she finishes summer after her senior year.  The weeks are winding down as she pads through the last days of her youth and moves into being a young adult.
The kids started at Ashland University on Thursday and enjoyed the Rec. Center.  Then we moved them all to the Marriott in Columbus by the temple.  At the Temple the youth got to perform ordinances and learn about their standards and the Savior.

There was a speaker from Efy there and he taught an entertaining lesson on why Mormons are weird, nice and hot based on the top three most googled phrases.  He told them we are weird to the world because of the standards we uphold.  We are nice because we are trying to be like the Saviour.  president Talley cleared up the hot message to the youth at the testimony meeting by saying they are attractive because virtue is appealing to the soul.
I think that these youth are amazing to live such high standards in a world where anything goes.  They believe in Christ and show it by living righteously.  What more could a mother ask for? I'm proud of you Kayla, for living a morally clean life in a sometimes dreary world.


  1. Kayla is an awesome young lady. I'm looking forward to her next chapter. :)

  2. What a great way to finish up being a youth in the Church...although she'll always be a"youth" to me! She's a sweetie! We love you Kayla!

  3. such a sweet mother-daughter team!

  4. Can't believe she's that old already. Sheesh.