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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chili Cook-off and the Mission

A part of being the Ward Mission Leader is being in charge of the annual Chili Cook-off.  I will have to say that I HATE planning big parties.  Second, I learned a lot and what needs to go better for next year.  We had such a weak turn out that I don't think we had enough variety in the food.  There was a lot of chili and not a lot of anything else.
On a brighter note, we brewed some homemade rootbeer.  That was fun!

 I planned a photo booth for a little bit of extra fun.  Kayla and Grandparents enjoyed the props, as well as a lot of other happy people.
 A friend thought it was funny that Sheriff Crawford was vacuuming in his cowboy get up and pushing a purple vacuum.

Sunday brought us another big snow storm.  You know, I'm getting a little tired of snow.

 We were so busy on Saturday working out all the details to the Chili Cook-off that we did not know we had an important message regarding the moose.
This guy got reinstated to his mission, effective immediately!  He goes back to the Utah SLC South Mission.  He leaves Tuesday.  Fast and furious we are working this week.  I had already mostly packed his bags on my last snow day.  We are just working out some last minute details and trying to visit family.  (No more big parties this week.)  So much to do, but I am so happy to working hard to get him ready to go.  I sure don't feel as sad this time to let him go.  He's my baby and I'm going to miss him, but I sure am happy to let him do the Lord's work.  I sure am proud of him taking an extra year to get himself re-ready to go.  I think he has learned a lot and he will be a better missionary because of it!

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  1. You guys did a great job planning the social. We enjoyed it! Jack loved the root beer! I know Kota will do you proud. The Lord works in mysterious ways!